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What an egghead!

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

I'm the first to admit it, I am not a cook. Ok, I have a few "go to" recipes that I make over and over again, these give the illusion that I know what I'm doing, but I don't. One of my go-to's is deviled eggs, simple enough, right? Everyone just loves my deviled eggs, so I'm always happy to bring those and get the ego boost of "oh my gosh, these are so delicious!".

Well, just this last Thanksgiving I was in charge of bringing 2 dozen eggs (so that's 48 deviled eggs). A little time consuming but otherwise easy-peasy, I can do that in my sleep. Ummm, not so much! I boiled the eggs the night before, according to my "fool proof" recipe I've been using for years, put them in the fridge, and went to bed with the intention of creating my masterpiece eggs in the morning.

I woke up, had my coffee and started cracking the eggs. I was horrified, they came out less than perfect! I underboiled all the eggs, soft whites and goey yolks! I don't know what happend, all I know is that I had to toss all 24 into the trash, on Thanksgiving morning and start from scratch. Ok, now the panic set in, I had go buy 2 dozen eggs and reboil, cool and prepare by noon!

The lightbulb came on! I called my girlfriend who is always bragging about this awesome Hamiliton Beach Egg Cooker that she bought. She claims it cooks the perfect egg everytime. I borrowed it and boiled the eggs.

Lo and behold, they came out absolutely perfect! It was a no-brainer, I didn't have to worry about over-cooking or under-cooking, it timed everything and lets you know when its done...brilliant! You can even poach or soft boil eggs!

So I was able to make all the eggs in time for the festivities, they looked beautiful and tasted delicious! I went out the next morning, fought the Black Friday crowds and bought myself the egg cooker. I've had perfect hard boiled eggs in my fridge everyday since then. They are a great healthy snack and make perfect egg salad sandwiches. A time saving tool, that truly makes life simple! A definite must-have!

Here's the easy 3 ingredient recipe I use, I like to garnish with a little paprika and a slice of black olive. Enjoy!

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