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Updated: Dec 23, 2017

The dread of the holiday season is not the shopping, the crowds, the wrapping of gifts or all the decorating. The real dread of the holiday season is the flu!! I know, I said it, I put it out there...but yes, it's a fact, the flu is back and in full swing!

I know this because it's already hit our house and it's not even the middle of December yet. We managed to eek through with only one casualty, we took some simple precautions and managed to skate through fairly unscathed.

What I did was simple, and logical. But sometimes we don't think so clearly when a loved one comes home, covered in cooties and the dreaded "swine flu".

Here's my simple, common sense tips...

1. Quarantine the sickie...yep, sounds mean, but let's do what we can do contain the bug to one area of the house. Set them up with everything they need and close the door!

2. Of course we will be visiting the "patient" and not just "Face-timing" them for 5 days, so be sure to purchase the following items, and use them! It is a great way to protect yourself from "the bug".

(Be sure to stock up on these items so you have them on hand when your need them)

3. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect. Get some bleach spray or disinfecting wipes and go around and spray all these places...all the door knobs, including for bedrooms,

bathrooms, closets, front door, back door, garage door. Wipe down all light switches and the banisters on the stairs. Disinfect faucets in kitchen and bathrooms. Wipe down microwave handle, refrigerator handle and all other appliance handles. Don't forget the remote controls...all of them! I know, I sound extreme, but it is what it is. Take 30 minutes to do this and you will feel much better.

Now remember, whenever you "visit" your patient to deliver homemade chicken soup and orange juice, wear the mask and put on the gloves. I suggest that any glasses they drink out of or any utensils they use put right into the dishwasher. Try not to leave these items out on the kitchen counter for someone else to touch or God forbid, drink out of... yikes!

To sum it up...

  • Disinfect like crazy.

  • Cover your nose and mouth from germs.

  • Wear gloves and wash your hands all the time!

Do what your can to protect yourself from this terrible germ and you will be able to win the war against the flu!

If you have any other tips you use to keep your household healthy, please share them!

Here's to a healthy holiday season!

Simply yours,


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