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Boring & Basic? My thoughts on Minimalism

What does the word "Minimalism" say to you?

So many people envision stark, colorless homes that have a cold, unwelcoming feeling. They see in their mind people who wear only black and white, no color, no style, boring in their appearance. They picture a lifestyle that has no "extras", no extravagance, just the "basics". The word Minimalism conjures up visions of utilitarian, boring and sometimes overly stark and modern.

This is not what Minimalism looks like to me. Minimalism to me is first and foremost a state of mind which of course becomes a lifestyle. Minimalism to me is simply owning the minimum, managing less "stuff", using what you have, purging what you don't need and eliminating physical and visual clutter. It's also a way to live within your means without sacrificing what is important to you. It's living debt free so that you can enjoy those "extras" like vacations or a fine piece of jewelry.

Most importantly, becoming Minimalist is gaining the extra time to relax and enjoy what you love most!

I think of myself as a person "becoming" a Minimalist, it's a process that cannot be achieved overnight. I do not live in a stark black and white home, cold and unwelcoming with no decorations or personal touches. Contrary to what many people believe about minimalism, I do have cable, internet and even a brand new car! I enjoy quality clothing, beautiful jewelry, looking nice and feeling "put together".

What I don't have is a basement full of stuff that I never use, a garage packed to the ceiling with unfinished projects, drawers full of items "I might need someday" or closets spilling with clothes that once fit but no longer do.

There is no visual clutter in my living space, I have very few items on display, and only my favorite artwork hanging on the walls. My kitchen counters are clear of small appliances because I have room in my cabinets to store them. I do not struggle in the mornings looking for clothes to wear, I know where everything hangs. I prepare lunches in a matter of minutes, I know what is in my pantry and where it is kept. I go through my mail daily, I shred and recycle items immediately so I don't have piles of paperwork cluttering my counters. What papers I need are filed in a simple system I've created.

Go to bed with a clear head...

I sleep mind isn't reeling with "where did I put that document, or when will I have time to clean up?". I wake refreshed with no visual clutter on my nightstand to greet me...just a single flower in a bud vase.

Purging your home of items you don't need or use is life changing!

Purging is a time consuming process, but once you start you will reap the benefits immediately! There is no better feeling than opening an organized drawer and immediately finding what you're looking for! After the purging process you will be able to use what you already own, you will know your household "inventory" and not purchase duplicates. Gone are the days of frantically running to the store to buy an item even though you know you have it hidden in the house somewhere! It's true, so much money and time is wasted purchasing duplicates of items simply because you can't find them in clutter and disorganization! Minimalism will help you to stop shuffling around all the stuff to locate the one item you need! You will know if you have it and where it is!

The real test of becoming Minimalist is continuing with your de-cluttering and purging lifestyle. Do not start accumulating things that will never be used or accept items from family members that you don't want. Keeping your home, and your life, clutter free is the real test of minimalism. Once you master the art of saying "No", learn to resist unnecessary purchases and use what you already own, your life will become stress free and your finances will become manageable.

In my opinion, you never deprive yourself of anything living as a Minimalist.

Just the gain so much! Your everyday routine is less stressful, you know where your money is being spent, you eliminate visual and physical clutter and gain the time to do the things in life you really love and enjoy!

If you're ready to make the commitment and need help getting started on this journey please email me...I would love to chat with you and help you get started!

Simply yours,


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