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What is an Organizer?

A professional organizer is someone who comes into your home and creates systems that simplify and streamline daily life for you and your family. By working with the homeowners, professional organizers can bring calm back to an otherwise chaotic environment. Organizers  teach simple methods to their clients so they are able to maintain the new systems with a little daily effort and maintenance. 


As a professional organizer, I pride myself in helping individuals and families achieve harmony in their everyday routine.  I find it very rewarding to know that what I do brings calm and order into the household.  I enjoy sharing tips and teaching my clients how easy it is to maintain this order.  I also follow-up with them  after a project has been completed to be sure they are keeping on track with the new routine. In no time at all, my clients take control of the clutter and enjoy free time and a stress-free home. 

Organizing vs. Cleaning


  • Everything in order, can locate items immediatly and everything has a "home" so items can be put away easily.

  • Surfaces are clutter free, which lowers stress level in the home. 

  • A few minutes of daily maintenance can keep your home organized and leave you more free time for the activites you enjoy!

  • Organized people are not necessarily "clean-freaks". They can find what they're looking for immediatly, know how to de-clutter but the crumbs on the floor don't bother them. 

Woman Cleaning Furniture


  • Everything clean and disinfected but items need to be moved around to clean surfaces.

  • Laundry may be washed and folded but still in baskets, a hassle to put away because closets and drawers are out of order.

  • Lost time spent "picking up and straightening" before actual cleaning can begin. 

  • "Clean freaks" are not necessarily organized. They can keep the house sparking clean but have a difficult time locating items or finding space to put items away. 



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