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Hello, I'm Pam

Home Organizer & Expert in Making Life Simple

Hello, my name is Pam and I'm a professional organizer with a passion for bins, baskets and labels!

I work on the premise that every item in your house should have a "home".  Everything in its "home" means everything is in order. Items are easy to find, simple to put away and the house can be cleaned up in a snap! By turning the chaos into calm, everyday life naturally becomes simplified and less stressful.

​As a single mother of two daughters, I know first hand the importance of having an organized home. 

With homework, extra curricular activities and the daily "drama" that takes place, having your house organized just makes life easier. I also understand the importance of having a space that flows with you and your family. I make sure to create systems tailored to your routine and your budget. It must work for your home and family. 

I particularly love organizing with tween and teenaged girls. I love teaching them to declutter and organize so they can take control of their own space.   It's so important to give them the tools they need to grow into confident, organized, young women.  Teaching them to be organized and giving them a calm, relaxed space to call their own is so important to their growth and emotional wellness. Start them young and set them up for success by teaching them organizational skills they can use throughout life!  

I find it extremely rewarding knowing that doing what I love helps reduce stress for others by simplifying their day. The actual process itself can seem overwhelming and chaotic, but I always tell my clients to "trust the process",  you will love the results!

I also take pride in teaching my clients tips and tricks along the way so they can continue this process on their own and continue to live a more stress-free life. 

Here's to making life simple!

Call or Text: 630-461-1496

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